MX Player download app for android.


MX Player is a video player for Android, which is available free. It supports almost all the formats of video available. High-quality screen, video playback, advanced controls for video playback, and its availability for almost all the Android devices makes the MX player best.  MX video player certainly has an edge over all the others video player available due to its qualities and features. Let us have a look at some of the key features of this video player.

Key Features of MX video player:

  • Acceleration of hardware – With this new video player, video acceleration with the hardware can be done easily. This player uses a HW+ decoder for providing hardware acceleration.
  • Decoding – The MX Player Android is the first video player to support decoding of multi-core level.
  • Easy Zoom, Pan- Zoom and normal Zooming in and out is just easy by the use of this player. You can easily swipe to get your zooming function done. You can also see the Pan and Zoom option also.
  • Gestures for subtitles – Just scroll forward to go to the next text or scroll backward for the previous text. Similarly, scroll up for moving text up and scroll down to go the text down. You can zoom to change the size of the text.
  • Special Lock for Kids – MX Player Android gives you the option of entertaining your kids without worrying about the fact that they don’t touch other applications or make a call.

The above were the key features of MX Player App. Now let us show you all the features of this MX player App in a descriptive way so that it will make things clear about why to choose this video player.


  1. 1. Playback:
  • Almost all movie files are playable. Files include .3gp, .flv, .avi, .mkv, .mpeg, .mp4, .mov, .xvid, .webm and other formats.
  • With HW+ decoder, hardware decoding can be done
  • It provides Codecs like Tegra 2.
  • You can change the audio track.
  • Change the decoding mode by choosing SW or HW.
  • Moving forward and backward is provided as Optional
  • You can select the aspect ratio.
  • Watch the previews before selecting.
  • Keyboard shortcuts:
    • Space can be used for Resume and Pause
    • Left / Right button on DPAD: Move backward / forward
    • Menu shortcuts
  • Select anywhere between elapsed time and the remaining time of video
  • Play your video in the background – Press the play button for a long time.
  1. 2. List
  • User Interface
    • Folder List –Separates movie files from other files.
    • Tags – Separates the subtitle file if the movies are having one.
    • The movies that have been watched and the movies which were last played is shown in different color.
    • You can resume your movie where you left.
  • File Management
    • It can scan the whole SD card within few second.
    • Editing of Files and folders.
  • Search your favorite movie.
  • Enjoy MX video player with different themes.
  1. 3. Subtitle
  • Supported Subtitle Formats
    • DVB, DVD, ASS/ SSA Subtitle Tracks.
    • PowerDivX(.txt/.psb)
    • SubStation Alpha along with the full styling.
    • Teletext
    • TMPlayer (. txt)
    • WebVTT (. vtt)
    • PJS ( .pjs)
  • You can also find the subtitle online.
  • Choose the subtitle you want.
  • You can clear the text.
  • You can choose the style you want for your text.
  • TTF and OTF format fonts are supported.
  • You can adjust the syncing process.
  • You can also adjust the speed.
  • With this player, you can make your text disappear easily.
  1. 4. Screen
  • Gestures
    • Swipe to zoom or pan.
    • Drag Horizontally to Change position of playback.
    • Vertically dragging on right half will let you control the sound volume.
    • Brightness can be controlled by vertical dragging on the left half of the screen.
    • Double tap will make the video to Play or Pause.
  •  Locking system for kids
    • Prevents kids from unlocking.
    • You need to touch the 4 corners in a clockwise direction to unlock the screen.
  1. 5. Audio
  • You can increase the volume up to 200%
  1. 6. Supported Platforms
  • OS: Android version 2.1, Windows 8.1, Windows Phone with OS 8.1 and above.

The above mentioned were the features of the MX video player. These are the reasons, which make the MX Player download a must for everyone. The MX Player download option is available for free on Android devices and Apple devices by visiting their app stores.